Do you often wonder how it’s possible to enjoy cocktails and still lose or maintain your weight?  Have you struggled before with wanting to indulge in a cocktail but fear the impact on your tummy, thighs or butt?  Did you have any idea it was possible to create a tasty cocktail with as few as 96 calories? 

You’re not the only one who has wondered about these perplexing issues; the concept is new and exciting!  To date, SkinnyTinis is the first company to help you address these struggles and provide solutions.  So raise a martini glass to your girlfriends because with a few minor modifications to the way you make your cocktails and plan your nights out – you can easily make room for that cocktail that will put the perfect twist on our night on the town!

The information in the Skinny will give you the basic information you need to understand how alcohol does impact your body, from your head to your heart and ultimately your waistline.  Once you’ve read this section and savvied up your alcohol know-how, don’t forget to test your knowledge by taking the SkinnyTini quiz and printing your SkinnyTini Mixologist certificate!!