SkinnyTinis is the brand that plans to revolutionize the way social drinkers think about alcohol and weight management.  Without SkinnyTinis the alcohol industry is lacking a brand that teaches social drinkers how to enjoy cocktails without suffocating themselves with guilt for the excess calories consumed. is the hub where clients can visit to browse for tips and tricks on drinking & weight management, shop for logoed merchandise, find favorite recipes, create new recipes, post their favorite recipes and ask questions of an expert.


To teach social drinkers how to create balance between their lifestyle and their weight management goals by showing them how to create delicious martinis with fewer calories!  SkinnyTinis truly is ALL THE FUN FOR HALF THE CALORIES!


SkinnyTinis represents Innovation, Health, Fun, Style, Sophistication, Glamour and Quality.

We serve consumers who strive to be forever young and fit without having to compromise their fun social lifestyles and moderate alcohol consumption.

The company produces quality products, using innovative business practices to create a loyal consumer following.

Company communicates that moderate alcohol consumption can increase general satisfaction in life and increase longevity without having a negative impact on one’s health or weight management goals.